We are Lyn & Paul Cleary and live in Hampshire close to the New Forest, we have had dogs all our lives but have only been involved with Leonbergers since 2001, when we got our first Leo (Benson) from Ian & Sherry Richardson, Seaxa Kennels. Our thanks go to them for allowing us to have Benson.

We then got Ellie again from Ian & Sherry, we were told that one Leo will lead to having another and they were right by God are they an addiction!!!

Next was the decision to have our own Affix BENELLIESON which is made up from the names of our first Leo's Benson & Ellie. With our affix sorted we then decided it's time to get another Leo so we decided that we would like to have one of our own bred Leos so we went about getting all the health checks etc done on Ellie and started to look for a stud for her. We came up with a lovely dog called Herbert who had already produced a few litters. Ellie had twelve puppies, unfortunately one was born dead, but all the remaining eleven survived and this is when Mishka joined the family.

Not long after Mishka was born Benson was diagnosed with cancer and we were told to take him home and enjoy him while we still could; we were very lucky to have him for a further 10 months from the date he was diagnosed.

It was within this time that we decided to start looking for Leo number 4; not that Benson could ever be replaced. It was only a matter of a few days after we lost Benson that Meadow was born at the Clunkamoor Kennel and we nearly decided not to have her as it was so soon after losing him, but thought very hard about it and decided to have her. We both say she's Benson in so many ways and we are glad we have her.


Our family of  Leos has grown  since.


We work and show our Leos so please take a look at what we do within the rest of our site.


We are members of the Leonberger Club of Great Britain and abide by the Rules and Code of Ethics. click here 


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